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Seance 8oz Candle

Seance 8oz Candle

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Creepy Twists Productions 8oz Seance Candle brings out the classic scent of a dark ride, while maintaining a gothic undertone. This 8oz wood wick candle crackles like a campfire. Manufactured exclusively for CTP by the amazing Magic Candle Company, this candle brings the essence of a candle lit Seance to your own home. 

Our Seance fragrance features a ghostly combination of cedar wood, Green Apple and classic vanilla that is beloved by all spirits!

 8 oz. candles have an approximate burn time of 30 hours. 

Magic Candle Company candles are made with a custom blend of Paraffin and Soy waxes which gives their customers the best of both worlds. Their unique Paraffin/Soy blend provides an amazing fragrance throw while maintaining the creamy look and environment friendly usability of Soy wax. This combination, along with their Wooden Wicks which produce a tantalizing crackling sound and soothing visual aesthetic while burning, creates the best quality product for you and your home.

Wooden wick candle burn with a distinct sound, unlike their cotton wicked cousins you will hear this candle burn, it will crackle and pop.. this is normal. 

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